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Scarborough resident for over 15 years, Ari has taken her passion for baking to share her custom cakes ,cup cakes and cookies with her neighbors , friends and families. Starting the business out of her home, Ari has moved her business to a store " Cake Park" . Ari brings over 10 years’ experience in the baking and designing, which enables her to add a personal and creative touch to each and every baked product . The new store located in the Southeast corner of Markham Road and Steels Avenue East, Scarborough - Blue Building.

CAKE PARK's cakes are store baked that giving lovely fresh aroma and are individually made to satisfy your requirements.
Cakes are available for all occasions including Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries and
Engagements. They can be made as Rich Fruit cakes, Date cakes and Egg less cakes.
Please call us for custom made cakes at 416 321 2253 or e-mail via our contact form

Hot Line: 416 321 2253

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